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About Us


Many New Zealand companies aspire to invest time into their Health & Safety needs, however, the world of Health & Safety policy and compliance can be complex.  Safer Team provides support to help your company understand and implement policy and procedures, letting you get on with your daily operational tasks.

Health & Safety is an important part of business and one that requires ongoing attention – but it doesn’t have to be complicated and challenging. Safer Team has been established for this exact reason. We are experts in this field and have helped many businesses over the years comply with evolving Health & Safety standards and policy.

“Our main objective is to make the integration of Health & Safety policy and standards in your workplace EASY. Easy to understand, easy to implement and easy to monitor.”

With our experience in this area:

  • We are dedicated to understanding your business and identifying where Health & Safety policy applies to you
  • We offer guidance, coordination of training and support for integrating Health & Safety policy and process into your business seamlessly
  • We help you set up monitoring procedures so you can regularly track participation and compliance.

Contact Safer Team and let’s discuss your requirements.